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Problems while sending emails in yahoo

Sometimes it happens When you cannot send emails.If you cannot send your emails the problem is most likely related to your SMTP server which is the server taking care of the whole email delivery process. We show all email sending problems with this solution.

The following are the Yahoo mail problems while sending emails-

  1. Mailbox type:

yahoo mail Problems while sending emails -step-01

The most common problem when sending emails is due to the type of mailbox you are using. Standard mailboxes have to be configured to use your ISP settings. From your control panel, you can check which type of mailbox you are using. Please check that you have reconfigured your mail client to use a secure connection.

  1. Get an error message when I send an email:

yahoo mail Problems while sending emails -step-1

If you get an error message when you send an email it shows that your email software is not set up correctly.Check the settings in your software by following guidelines: Set up email on your computer.

  1. I get a bounce back the email:

yahoo mail Problems while sending emails -step-2

If you get the bounce back message then it will mean that you are unable to send the email.

  • The email sent just disappears
  • Sending email from your website

If the emails from a web based script are not arriving it is possible that they are not being sent or they are being blocked at the point of origin. Do not use your site for mass/bulk emailing. The SMTP filter system will prevent this, and all attempts are logged. Attempting to bulk email will lead to your site being closed by our abuse department

  1. Check recipient’s mailbox:

The email recipient may have spam filters, rules or forwarders set up on their mailbox that is blocking or re-routing emails from you. Try sending an email to a different mailbox to ensure that if this is an issue with the recipients or your mailbox.

  1. Email sending limits:

The mail platform is planned for business and personal use not as a mass mailing service. There is a limit to sending emails from a mailbox within set time periods. The following limits are in place on all mailbox types.

  • 10 emails in one instance
  • 50 emails in a 10 minute period
  • 500 emails in a 24 hour period

If you have sent many emails within a short amount of time please wait before sending additional emails.

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