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Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail

In Yahoo mail, pictures come as file attachments. Sometimes it might be possible that you have accidentally deleted an email which comes with the picture you required so follow this method to recover you deleted Pictures.

If you accidentally deleted any email, it was automatically stored in your Trash folder till you or Yahoo emails don’t delete them permanently.

Methods to recover deleted pictures from yahoo

Method 1– (Using the Yahoo Mail Website)

  1. Go to the link “” on the address bar of your web browser. Yahoo Mail login page will be viewed.

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-1

2. Sign in your Yahoo mail, enter your Yahoo ID.

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-2


3. Enter your password and select “Sign In” button.

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-3

4. After sign in your account, the “Mail” option will be visible at the top corner of your Yahoo mail Account Tab “mail”

 Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-4

  1. Choose the Trash.All the deleted emails, as long as they haven’t been permanently restored here.

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-5

6. After choosing the trash folder, all the Deleted Picture emails will be viewed.

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-6

7. The picture will be viewed, in order to move that pictures tab to “Move”

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-7

8. There are multiple folders to move that picture like Inbox, Archive, spam and many other folders which you have already created, you can move pictures any of them according to your need.

Method to Recover Deleted Pictures from Yahoo Mail-step-8

Method 2- (Using the Yahoo Mail Mobile App)

  1. Download the Yahoo mail app.
  2. “Sign in” your account. Enter your Yahoo ID, or username and password. Select on “sign in”
  3. Select the folder button on the top left corner.
  4. Select the Trash button from the window to open your Trash folder. All the emails which you have deleted automatically restored in the trash folder.
  5. After choosing the Trash button all the deleted emails will be visible. You just need to click on that particular mail which you want to recover, there are a three dotted option on the right side of the mail tab on that option,
  6. Multiple folder options will be viewed, choose the “Inbox” folder.
  7. Your picture will be moved in “Inbox”.

Now you have moved the email with all the attached pictures. You can open these picture from your inbox folder any point of time.

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