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How Dynamic Date Separator works in Yahoo Mail

With the help of Yahoo, you can sort out your emails according to the dates so that you can see them separated by blocks of time and can easily scan them as and when needed. With the help of Dynamic Date separators in Yahoo! Mail, the emails are divided based on the time they were received at. The header is set according to the time of the week, month or the year during which the email was received. The Yahoo Customer Support can be contacted if you find difficulty in configuring the dynamic date separators in Yahoo! Mail.


The following are some of the examples of headers you can see on Yahoo! Mail-

  • For the days of the week: You will get headers like ‘Today’ or ‘Yesterday’. You can also see an individual day like ‘Sunday’.
  • For last week: Under this header, you will find all those emails you received before Sunday.
  • For earlier in (Month name): Here you will find the emails you received at the beginning of the ongoing month and the ones which do not fall under the above two lists.
  • For the Previous Months: The emails you received during the last five months will be separated by each month.
  • For earlier in Year: This will include the emails you received earlier in the ongoing year as well as the ones which don’t fall under 4 categories mentioned above.
  • For the Next Years: This list includes the emails older than one year.

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