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How to Delete Yahoo! Account

If you want to delete Yahoo account, you often have to delete your account from Yahoo so this procedure will help you to Delete Yahoo! Account.


Step 1:
  1. Sign in to your Yahoo! The account you want to delete. If you don’t remember the password of your account, first recover your password.
  2. View Yahoo! homepage> select Help link at the bottom-right corner> Choose My Account link.
  3. Choose “Delete account” in the account page.
  4. Select “Closing your Yahoo! account” link.
  5. Select the “Account Termination” link.
  6. Enter your login information even if you are logged in already.

How to Delete Yahoo Account-STEP-1

Step 2:
  1. You should always check your accounts termination notification page. Before deleting your account makes sure that you remove Contacts, Flickr account, and more.
  2. Before deleting your account, you need to unsubscribe all the services as you can still be charged if your account doesn’t unsubscribe the mail services.

How to Delete Yahoo Account-STEP-2

Step 3:
  1. Enter Password
  2. Enter password twice to delete confirmation.
  3. Fill out the CAPTCHA. In order to delete the process.
  4. Select the “YES Terminate this Account” button.

How to Delete Yahoo Account-STEP-3

Watch this Video to delete yahoo account permanently

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