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How to check your Yahoo recent login activity

Checking your recent login activity is important to keep your account safe. If you are doubtful that your Yahoo Mail has been hacked you can do the necessary investigation to check your doubts. Yahoo Mail keeps a record of all your account’s recent activities, including your login information. If you see something wrong, you can drill down further and get the location and IP address, which you can use to find out who hacked your email account.

The following is the procedure to check your Yahoo recent login activity:

  1. Go to the Yahoo Mail login page and sign in. Log in using your Yahoo ID, or username, and password in the two text boxes provided. Click Sign in to proceed to your mail account.

How to check Yahoo recent login activity-step-1

  1. Click the gear button in the top right corner of your Yahoo Mail to bring down the Settings menu. Click the “Account Info” link from here. You will be brought to your Yahoo account data.

How to check Yahoo recent login activity -step-2

  1. Click the “Recent Activity” menu from the left panel. All the recent activities made by your Yahoo account will be displayed. Most items here will involve your login or session records since Yahoo keeps track of these.

How to check Yahoo recent login activity -step-

  1. Look at all the activities listed on the Recent Activity menu and see if there’s anything out of the ordinary. Check and verify if you are the one who made all these.

If you find any suspicious activity in your yahoo mail account so, so have to go on that link: Change yahoo password

Note: Yahoo keeps a record of your sign-in history for the past 30 days.


Watch This Video to Check Your Yahoo Recent Login Activity

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