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How to Change Yahoo Password

If you want to change your Yahoo Password there are two possible reasons –

  1. If you do not remember your password, then you should try to recover it. This article will help you in doing that – How to recover Yahoo Mail Password
  2. If you remember your yahoo mail password but you still want to change it then below steps will help you in doing so –
How to Change Password of Yahoo Mail (Desktop)

Step 1: In the first step, go to and then sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.

Step 2: When signed in, locate the small gear icon at the top right corner of the Yahoo Mail page. Click on it then click on Settings in the pull-down menu.

How to Change Yahoo Mail Password-step-1

Step 3 now, you have to click on “Accounts” in the left panel. This is selected by default. In the Yahoo account group and under your Yahoo email account being listed, click on “Change your password” link.

How to Change Yahoo Mail Password-step-2

Step 4: If this is the first time that you access this link, you will be redirected to the login page where you need to enter your password. This is a security measure imposed by Yahoo to ensure that you are the owner of the account. Enter your password and sign in.

Step 5: Then you will get a new screen where you are prompted to enter your current password and your new password. You need to confirm your new password so enter it twice in the box provided.

Step 6: Then click on the Save button.

How to Change Yahoo Mail Password-step-1

Step 7: Then you will get a confirmation screen indicating that you have successfully changed your password.

How to Change Password of Yahoo Mail (Mobile)

Go to the password Helper…

  1. Enter the email address or click on I don’t know my Yahoo Email address.
  2. If you can receive text messages to the number listed, click yes, text me. After that, Yahoo will send a verification code to your phone.
  3. Fill the verification code, which Yahoo has sent to your phone in the field provided.
  4. After that click on submit.
  5. Click Continue or you can click Create a new password and update it on the spot.

Watch This Video to Change Yahoo Mail Password

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