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How to configure Outlook Junk Mail Filter to stop spam email

Sometimes it might be possible that the latest version of the junk mail filter doesn’t catch all spam e-mails that get into your inbox, and then you should report such messages to improve the efficiency of their junk e-mail filtering technologies.

These are the steps which can help you to report Unsolicited messages directly to Microsoft-

  1. On the Outlook ribbon.
  2. Go to the home.
  3. Tab on the “Junk” Option.
  4. Select the “Report Junk” option.

How to report spam to Microsoft to improve the junk email filter-step-1

Continue with the same method if you have already opened a junk e-mail-

  1. Right click a spam email
  2. Choose Junk
  3. Select on the “Report Junk” from the context menu.

How to report spam to Microsoft to improve the junk email filter-step-2

Video: How To Configure Outlook Junk Mail Filter To Stop Spam Email

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