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How to Manage Your Outlook Email Effectively

If the mailbox is messy it will be difficult for the users to find their desired mail. Outlook has offered many useful tools which help the users to filter and organize their messages. E-mails can easily be managed whether you are using Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003.If you use these following methods to clean up your Inbox as well as to make it easier to find the information you need.

There are six methods to manage your Outlook Email effectively-

  •   Filtering

Outlook 2010 has provided a new feature by which the messages can be sorted by dates and arranged in conversation. While using this method the messages which have the same theme will appear as conversation and the users can see, expand or shrink them by clicking on to the icon to the left of the subject line.

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Using the standardized subject headings is the other way of managing outlook Email effectively. You have a tendency to read in serial order either chronologically or by a most important person.

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  • Grouping

Grouping is also the method to manage outlook emails effectively. Group the same messages in the folders. The users can group related messages together in the folders by creating a new email folder. We can group the messages by subject, project, Communication or other categories that are appropriate to your works or your hobbies.

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  • Search Folder

The next method to manage outlook emails effectively is to create a search folder to find the messages. A search folder is the fast and the best way to find a collection of email messages. It doesn’t save any messages but delivers the virtual folders that show all the messages in your inbox based on the features you are looking for. Outlook Search Folders offers default features such as Unread Mail but you can also create your own rule.

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  • Email filter

The junk emails can be reduced with the email filter. Keep the avoidable email messages from the inbox by using the Outlook, Junk Email Filter. The junk filter will send the emails which are highlighted as junk emails into a separate folder in the mailbox. The users can see the content of this folder to make sure that there are not any valid emails mistakenly sent to it. If so, you should adjust the filter to avoid the wrong mark on the messages in the future.

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  • Color category

Assigning a color category to an unrelated email message group and other categories in the Outlook such as the notes, contacts, and appointments can help to manage outlook emails effectively. From there, the users can easily find and sort them. For example, you can easily track all messages, appointments, and contacts for computer sales project by creating a category called “Computer Sales” and assigning the messages to it.

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  • Flagging

Another method is flagging.The users can use the Flag for follow-up feature in order to flag the email messages to help sort them or mark them. The flags will prompt you to track an issue, point out someone’s request or order for a prompted message and contact. They can also arrange your email folder easily because you know exactly what to do and when to do it.

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