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How to Insert clean HTML code into Outlook email

If you have downloaded Bells and Whistles, now you just need to open a new Outlook email, then go to the bells menu and select “Insert HTML” option and browse to select the HTML file that will be loaded in your email.

How to insert clean HTML code to Outlook-step-1

If you don’t want to use the Bells & Whistles add-in to insert HTML code, follow these simple steps to add your own HTML code to Outlook emails without having it altered by Outlook. Do not use a trial expired version of Office.

Follow these Method For Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013-

  1. Allow the Outlook Developer mode by right clicking on the Outlook ribbon (menus area) -> choose Customize Ribbon -> mark / enable Developer.

How to insert clean HTML code to Outlook-step-2

2. In the Developer tab, select “Macro Security” and enable “Notification for all macros”.

How to insert clean HTML code to Outlook-step-3

  1. You have to select some option like Visual Basic -> Tools -> References ->enable “Microsoft WORD 15.0 Object Library” (don’t confuse it with “Microsoft Office 15.0 Object Library”).

How to insert clean HTML code to Outlook-step-4

If you are using Office 2010, look for Word 14.0 (15.0 means Office 2013).

  1. In the Developer Macros-> Macros menu, type a name for the new macro then click on Create.

How to insert clean HTML code to Outlook-step-5

5. Copy & paste the following source code, between the Sub <-> End Sub lines.

6. Replace “e:\test.html” with the actual path to the desired HTML file that you want to insert to the Outlook email message body.

Make sure you use an absolute path to the HTML file (for example “C:\MyDocs\outlook-file.html” and not “MyDocs\outlook-file.html”).

  1. Save the macro. Just in case, restart Outlook to activate the changes.
  2. Create a new Outlook email, then go to the Developer select “Macros” and select the newly created macro. It will insert the non-altered HTML code to your Outlook email.

How to insert clean HTML code to Outlook-step-6

Watch This video to insert HTML on outlook

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