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How to Sign out in Outlook

Outlook Express is a different application from Microsoft outlook. Outlook Express was earlier known as Microsoft Internet Mail and News. Signing out in outlook is a simple process and the following steps can help to sign out in Outlook-

Step 1: The first step is open the outlook home page.

 How to sign out in Outlook-step-1

Step 2: After going to the home page you will see a lot of options select the “Sign out “option on the upper right top corner of the home page. And click on that.

 How to sign out in Outlook-step-2


Watch this video to sign out from outlook

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  • ravi lodhi

    So easy………

  • Gaurav Singh

    How do i sign out from all devices connected to my account at once ?

  • rahul singh

    Everytime I log out of outlook I get Certificate error.

  • John Abram


  • William Brown

    I can’t sign out of Outlook web app.!!!

  • Roman Miller

    I just need to know where you log off….It’s probably right in front of my eyes, but I can’t see it!

  • Joseph Russell

    How can remove permanent save password in outlook account ?

  • Phillips

    After clicking on sign out getting some temporary error why ?