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Why an attachment is missing or not being sent through Microsoft Outlook

There are many reasons why an attachment is missing or not being sent through Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. This post will tell you about the most common issues of mail attachments.

1. Attachment is too Big-

Why an attachment is missing or not being sent through Microsoft Outlook-step-1

The main point is large files always create issues to send and receive emails, and ISPs often stop emails that exceed a certain size. The problem, of course, is that even though “a certain size” might be getting larger over time, it will also vary from ISP to ISP, if they do this. So if your ISP permits you to send an outsized file, that doesn’t mean, that your recipient’s ISP will permit him to receive it. 

Tip: The latest versions of Outlook support a file attachment up to 20MB.

2. Antivirus protection blocking Attachment-

If you have an antivirus protection program installed on your computer and are having problems opening or viewing attachments make sure it is not causing the problem by temporarily disabling your antivirus.

Why an attachment is missing or not being sent through Microsoft Outlook-step-2

3. ISP or e-mail provider is removing the attachment-

Why an attachment is missing or not being sent through Microsoft Outlook-step-3

Some e-mail providers or ISP will not permit sent or received an e-mail with file attachments by their users for security purpose. Currently, maximum e-mail providers allow attachments in e-mails, but you may want to verify with your e-mail provider that attachments are acceptable with their e-mail service.

4. Microsoft Outlook Express is blocking the attachment-

Microsoft Outlook Express is set up by default to block some attachments, for example, .exe files and other executable files Microsoft considers unsafe. Although this feature can be disabled, we suggest you leave it enabled if you’re running Outlook Express. If you want to send an executable file through e-mail, compress the file.

For users who are aware of the potential risks of accepting executable files and want to disable this feature, follow the steps below-

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Options
  4. Click the Security tab
  5. Within the Security window under Virus Protection, uncheck “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus”.
  6. Click Ok

Below is a listing of file extension Microsoft considers unsafe when sent through e-mail-

.ad, .adp, .crt, .ins, .mdb, .mde, .msc, .msp, .sct, .shb, .vb, .wsc, .wsf, .cpl, .shs, .vsd, .vst, .vss, .vsw, .asp, .bas, .bat, .chm, .cmd, .com, .exe, .hlp, .hta, .inf, .isp, .js, .jse, .lnk, .msi, .mst, .pcd, .pif, .reg, .scr, .url, .vbe, .vbs, .ws, and .wsh.

Additional information about each of the above file extensions can be found on our file extensions page.

5. Microsoft Outlook 2000 is setup to accept certain sized files-

Microsoft Outlook 2000 and earlier can be setup to only accept files of a certain size. If you’re attempting to receive a large file, verify this feature has not been enabled by following the steps below.

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Options
  4. Click the Mail Delivery tab
  5.  Under Mail Delivery make sure the box “Don’t download messages larger than xxx KB” is not checked.

6. Problems with how Outlook is signed into an account-

If there are problems with how Outlook is signed into the local network account or Microsoft account it can cause problems without sending attachments. Follow the steps below to log out and log back into your account.

  1. Close all Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Outlook open windows.
  2. Open only Microsoft Outlook
  3. Click File, Office Account, and then Sign Out
  4. Click Yes to Sign out and then Close Microsoft Outlook
  5. Re-open Microsoft Outlook and sign back into your local or Microsoft account.

7. Disable Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins-

It is possible that Microsoft Outlook Add-Ins can cause problems with attachments. Disable all Add-Ins by following the steps below.

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Click File, Options, and then Add-ins
  3. Under Manage click COM Add-ins.
  4. Click on GO button next to Manage and then uncheck all of the Add-Ins.

Why an attachment is missing or not being sent through Microsoft Outlook-step-4

  1. Once everything has been disabled click Ok.
  2. Close Microsoft Outlook and then re-open Outlook to see if the attachment issue has been resolved.


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