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Google Mail has come up with New Gmail Add Ons & Features

new gmail add ons

Eight New Gmail Add Ons and Features You Need Right Now

Google has done it again. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any smarter, it did so by integrating some of your favorite tools right into its Gmail platform, for a seamless way to operate and do business. The new Gmail Add Ons and features can help you do things faster on all your devices with just one download. Therefore from customer relationship management and project management integration to accounting and hiring Add-Ons, Gmail is now giving users access to a wide variety of apps and gmail add ons features using the same familiar interface.

Here is what they had to say:

1. Asana 

asana gmail add ons

Most people identify that email i.e., Gmail still reigns highest when it comes to work-related communications, but sadly, it was not exactly built to plan, manage and track work. As a result the new Google integration with Asana easily fills this void. – Jeremy Williams, Vyudu

2. CRM for Gmail

crm for gmail

Most excited thing of Gmail is CRM for Gmail. The integration will make it easy for us to keep track of emails and prospects without leaving our email. We have so many portals we need to login into now days to get our work done, and integrations help make the process much easier and extra instinctive.

3. DocuSign

docusign gmail add ons

As of this writing, it’s not live, but Google says the DocuSign add-on for Gmail is coming soon, and we can’t wait. Every week we have contracts or other agreements that need signing, and we rely on DocuSign to simplify the process. Once DocuSign is integrated into Gmail, the signature process will be further streamlined, helping businesses allocate more time to other priorities – Scott Stiner, UM Technologies

4. Google Hire

google Hire - Gmail Add Ons

While the ability to access all of Gmail’s different features is convenient, the future for the Hire add-on is even more exciting. Artificial intelligence can power auto-evaluation of applicants and a search for passive candidates. Business process automation can take candidates from interviews toonboarding. And one day, the best possible team can become standard business practice. – KetakiRao, Jivox

5. QuickBooks

Quickbooks gmail Add-on

Millions of small and midsize businesses rely on QuickBooks to run their businesses. Being able to invoice and view customers directly in Gmail, via the QuickBooks add-on, is killer. – Joe Dwyer,Propelware

6. Smart Reply

Smart Reply - Gmail Add on

Gmail now has the capability to suggest a series of responses based on the content of the email received. You just have to select one and it will respond automatically. It’s pretty sleek and a huge time-saver.

7. Trello

Trello gmail add on

The Trello add-on is great because it lets you manage your team’s tasks without even leaving your Gmail inbox. This eliminates the distraction of having to switch to different tabs and apps to get a task assigned or to see its progress. Your email will play the same role as a to-do list. – IvailoNikolov, SiteGround

8. Wrike

Wrike add-on for gmail

Wrike allows you to make task management and communication simpler. This add-on will increase productivity, allowing tasks to be directly modified and also created through multiple tools. So an add-on that can increase efficiency, productivity and collaboration is always welcomed. – Alexandro Pando, Xyrupt

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