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Google launches Gmail Go a lightweight app for Android

google launches gmail go

Google recently added a noteworthy addition to its line of “Go” edition apps – the frivolous apps designed primarily for emerging markets – with the launch of Gmail Go. The app consumes less space on user’s smartphones making better use of mobile data as compared to the regular version of Gmail.

The app contains features similar to Gmail like multiple account support, conversation view, attachments, and push notifications for new messages and prioritizes messages from friends and family first and categorizes promotional and social emails in separate tabs like Gmail.

Going by several reports, a 9.51 MB download of Gmail Go consumes around 25 MB of space on a device, while a 20.66 MB download of Gmail takes 47 MB of storage space.

Although Google haven’t made any formal announcement about Gmail Go’s launch but many sites spotted its availability on the Google Play store. The company declined to comment on the app when enquired about the detailed information of the app.


As per the early adopters scrolling on Gmail Go as compared to standard Gmail is much jerkier experience. It also syncs fewer days of email and attachments using less bandwidth.

Overall there is not much mark able difference between the two in terms of features.

Usually that’s not always the case with the Go-branded apps like the You Tube Go app have various unique features like it downloads the videos for offline viewing and sharing. However in Gmail Go’s case it is only designed to meet the size and memory requirements of Android Go.


On a further research it was found that the app will not be available to all the users. Instead will only be available to install from the play store, and for update purpose on the devices already having Gmail Go pre-installed. For now, that only Android O Go edition has the ability to use the app.



On users preference both the apps can be installed and used side-by-side.

Gmail Go has joined the list of Go edition apps which includes YouTube Go, Files Go, Google Go, Google Maps Go, Google and Assistant Go.

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