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Sudden Changes in Gmail Icon Color: Turned Blue from Red?

gmail icon blue

Here’s why your Gmail Icon may be blue right now:

Along with greatness technology can also be never-ending source of mystery. And it’s constantly changing. Its seems like yesterday that we were annoyed, when Facebook forcibly start migrated its users to timeline. But for the past two years there have been rumors that Timeline could be ending.
The latest change freaking the internet out is the mysteriously blue Gmail icon, which appear to change color from red around January 26th. But if you are one of the many who are still in confusion by this change, don’t worry! There is a pretty simple explanation.

According to headlines, the sudden changes only affect those who use G Suite. G Suite is a version of Gmail uses mainly in work email addresses. Because of this, users who kept their personal and work emails open in two different tabs saw both a red and a blue envelope.

blue gmail icon: gmail tab icon turns blue from red

Steps to disable this blue Gmail icon

The change in color is apparently connects to a Gmail feature called “Labs”. One Twitter Google Expert explained that labs are ways of customizing the layout and appearance of your inbox. And a lab called “Unread message icon” appears to be behind the color change. If you want to go back to Gmail’s original display, simply follow these steps-

  • disable the lab by clicking on the “Settings” in account.
  • After that move on to the “Labs” tab. From there you can scroll down to “Unread message icon” and click “Disable.” Be sure to save your changes.

It is not clear if the blue Gmail icon is permanent feature of the unread message icon, but luckily it’s nothing to worry about.

Red or Blue envelope aside, the unread message icon can be uses to display how many new messages you have in your inbox, which admittedly does seem pretty cool. And aside from that, Gmail has lots of useful features worth checking out.

Even if the Gmail icon did permanently become blue, we are pretty sure we would get used to it after a while.

Thankfully, for now it seems that we will get to keep that original red and avoid one more annoying technological update.

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