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Get ready for Ads in Facebook Messenger

Are you ready to embrace ads inside Facebook messenger?

That prospectus just got a bit closer with the social network’s announcement in a blog post aimed at advertisers that indicates that messenger ads are going global.

After what Facebook declared were “promising tests” in Australia and Thailand, the company is now about to expand its messenger ads beta pushes more broadly.

The rollout will be slow and Facebook is vague on precise timing. But the company says a small percentage of people around the world will start to see messenger ads in the coming weeks.

How the more than 1.2 billion monthly messenger users react will depend on how Facebook implements them.?

“People who use Facebook messenger to communicate with all their friends are not likely to simply abandon it’s just because ads start showing up there. But it expected Facebook to be very careful in how they roll out ads in messenger anyway,” said an analyst.

According to Facebook messenger ads will appear in the home tab, not in messenger threads. The ads will use the same targeting as other Facebook ad products, and Facebook says the company does not use the content of messages between people for ads targeting. A user who taps on an ad may be sent to a company website or may begin a messenger conversation with an advertiser, depending on how the ad was created.

People can hide or report messenger ads in the same way they can hide or report an ad in the Facebook news or on Instagram.

Facebook already lets companies run ads in the Facebook news feed and Instagram feed that drive people to chat inside messenger with the advertising company’s bot.

As part of messenger platform, more than 2 billion messages are exchanged monthly between people and businesses, including automated and people-initiated exchanges, Facebook’s says.


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