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Facebook messenger gets ads for the first time

Facebook messenger is rolling out home screen ads worldwide, meaning consumers will see branded message in the app’s inbox for the first time.

The home screen on messenger acts as an inbox for the user’s most recent conversations with friends, automated bots, or brands.

The move follows a beta test which began in January in Australia in Thailand.

Existing messenger ads include sponsored message and ads in Facebook news that redirect to messenger conversation with a bot or human.

Sponsored message can only be sent to a user’s company has already had a conversation with.

Ads in the home tab will follow the auction-based model and will feature the same sort of user-targeting capabilities found on Facebook or Instagram.

Alongside Facebook, line and other platform are looking to do the same.


Ads on the home screen also brings messenger closer to its goal of facilitating a connection between its 1.2 billion users and the 70 million businesses on Facebook. A desire to connect the two has been part of the messenger strategy since the messenger platforms for bots debuted at F8 in April 2016.

However, while messenger platforms are very high engagement platforms for people, it’s rare that advertising messages will do anything other than interrupt. This means that media owners tread the tight rope for intrusive advertising experiences, so easier to get wrong than right.

But there could be an opportunity with bots. As Mary Meeker highlighted in her 2017 internet trend report- and Facebook has maintained since the launch of the messenger platform a year ago-“customer service is shifting to chat”.

Whether the focus is on bots speaking to humans or two people having a conversation, competition in this space has increased sharply this year.

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