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Facebook is also becoming Marketplace for the Users: Facebook is Providing New Service to their Users

Facebook’s new Service called “Facebook Marketplace” takes on OLX, Quickr

Facebook Marketplace : Facebook buy and sell

Facebook Marketplace is available on the mobile apps and desktop versions as well.

Facebook’s OLX-like podium, Marketplace, is now availaible in India. The company had started testing this service in India last year, initiates with Mumbai.

Facebook marketplace allows users to sell and purchase items on a dedicated platform. This feature is available for the mobile app and also on desktop versions as well. Facebook Marketplace is currently operational in 36 countries, therefore making India 37th one to join.

On desktop, Marketplace will be availaible on the left bar just below messenger. You can find it on the mobile app for iOS and also on Android at the menu panel.

Facebook Marketplace: Top features-

Search Facebook Marketplace

Marketplace has an area for browsing, buying, selling and saved items. You can also set a price limit for the items, and area radius as well.

Facebook has also made a list of different categories to choose or opt from. These includes appliances, bicycles, car parts, clothing and shoes, electronics and computer, among rests.

Those items which you will see on the Marketplace has mentioned with their important details like- title of product, duration of the post and also with their location.

Marketplace: sell on facebook

Marketplace is clearly part of a larger scheme of Facebook. And India foray is equally important as the country is one of its largest markets in the world apart from the US.

Commenting on Marketplace’s launch in India, a Facebook spokesperson said,

In November 2017, we started a small test of Marketplace in Mumbai, India. We are committed to learning about how people everywhere use our product, and make sure Facebook works for them. This test helps ensure that we build and design for the people using our product and help us better understand what is working and not working. We’re excited to see how people use Marketplace so we can improve the experience and provide people with a better selection of goods and services.

India focus

Facebook’s Marketplace will compete with the likes of OLX, Quikr and Sulekha among other online classified services in India.

According to a 2016 report by Google and KPMG, India’s online classifieds sector will grow three-fold to $1.2 billion by 2020.

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