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Different ways to Stop all the Ads in Hotmail

Hotmail is known as the world’s best email service and it is being updated to improve the customer services. This email is getting popular day by day and it attracts a lot of users. When you are using Hotmail account to see your inbox or compose new one there are many ads which take place on your monitor screen. These animated ads are disrupting us so much when the screen is small and you want some more space to see your email clearly. There are a lot of options which are available to stop all the ads in Hotmail account.

The following are the four methods by following which you can easily stop all the ads from your screen:-


  • Use Windows to Stop Ads-

The First method to stop all the ads in Hotmail account is to use Windows. In order to use this method you should know the right address of these advertising services then you can easily remove this ad to your account by following these steps:

Ways to Stop All the Ads in Hotmail-step-1

Step 1: The first step is to start your system and then click on “Run “button or simply press “R”.

Step 2: The second step is to go to your window system file and find the hosts file or just search this file from your system directly “C:\Window\system 32\drivers\etc\hosts. And click the enter button.
Step 3: Now right-click on this file and select the option “open with notepad” or any other text editor which you like. This file will open in documents format.

Now save the document. This option is easily work in all window even Window XP.


  • Internet Explorer-

Internet explorer is the second method to stops all the ads in Hotmail and by using this method you have to follow the below steps to remove the ads from your Hotmail account.

Ways to Stop All the Ads in Hotmail-step-2

Step 1: The first step is that you have to open the internet explorer.

Step 2: After opening the internet explorer go to the “tools “option.

Step 3: You’ll find many internet explorer options, you just need to go to security option.
Select option of “Restricted sites”.

Step 4: Just below there are options “sites” buttons, just click on it.

Step 5: Add the sites in the box such as-

After this follow these Steps-

Step-1  You have to add all these above lines in the box.
Step-2  Now click on add. These lines will add in the setting.
Step-3  Now you’ve finished, just close the explorer.
Step-4  Now reopen the internet explorer to see the changes.


  • Remove Ads by Webmail Ad blocker-

For removing the ads from Hotmail account this option is the most common option which is used. It’s also simple to use, but it has the condition to have Mozilla Firefox browser in your system. These easy steps will stop ads in your

Ways to Stop All the Ads in Hotmail-step-3

Step 1: The first step to stop all the ads in your Hotmail account is to install webmail Ad blocker from your Firefox browser.

Step 2: After installing the webmail Ad blocker it will enable in your Firefox or Google chrome browser.
Step 3: Now it will remove all ads on your right hands from your Hotmail account.


  • Ad blocker Plus-

The Ad blocker also has the same instructions as webmail Ad blocker. But this is the latest version and has some advanced features. Once it is installed it will remove and hide all the ads. And Ad blocker plus has an option that it will not only remove ads from Hotmail account but also it works for all of your email account service.

Ways to Stop All the Ads in Hotmail-step-4

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