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How to sign out your Hotmail Account

Sign out your Hotmail account is not a big deal. If you want to know the Method of sign out your Hotmail account then follow these easy steps-

Step-1 Go to the home page of your Microsoft account.

How to sign out your Hotmail Account-step-1

Step-2 Click on the icon of your profile.

How to sign out your Hotmail Account-step-2

Step-3  Select the last “sign out” option. Now you’re done with sign out your Microsoft account.

How to sign out your Hotmail Account-step-3

watch this video to sign out of Mail App/ sign out of windows or Microsoft account on windows 8

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    seeing a message “Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you out.” please help.

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    I can’t log out of my hotmail account. Somehow I have been logged in permanently. What should i do?