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How to recover Forgotten Password problem

If your Hotmail account has been locked or you have forgotten your password due to unauthorized access, you can just use the Microsoft recovery tool to reset your password. You will need a phone number and a recovery email to verify your Hotmail account. There are some following steps that help you to recover forget ton password problems.

Steps are:

  1. Open any of your browsers and type then press enter.
  2. After entering the URL in your browser, check the option “I forgot the password” and then click “next”.

How to recover Forgotten Password problem-step-1

  1. After clicking next, enter your username and enter the captua from the picture in the respective fields then click “next”.

How to recover Forgotten Password problem-step-2

  1. After clicking “next”, check the “Text*******55” and then enter the phone number and then click “send code”.

How to recover Forgotten Password problem-step-3

5. After clicking “send code”, you will get a code to the phone number which you mapped with your account. Enter the code in the respective field and press next.

How to recover Forgotten Password problem-step-4

6. After clicking next, you have to type the new password twice in the respective fields and then you are good to go. Your password will be changed.

How to recover Forgotten Password problem-step-5

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