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How to Log Into Hotmail

Microsoft Hotmail is the best way to keep up with emails, messaging, Xbox LIVE, and other services of Microsoft. Microsoft best feature is One Drive lets you access your iPads, smartphones, and inbox. One Drive gives a total of 25GB free space. You can store movies, picture etc. But first, you have to Log Into the Hotmail Account. For this, you have to follow these steps.

Steps to Log into Hotmail Account:-

  1. Go to Microsoft’s login page or type “” in your address bar of your browser, you will be directed to Microsoft login page.

How to Log Into Hotmail-step-1

  1. Enter your Username or Phone number in the respective field and then click “Next” to enter your password.

How to Log Into Hotmail-step-2

3. After clicking “Next”, enter your password for your Hotmail account. Then click “Sigh-in”. You will then be directed to your Hotmail page.

How to Log Into Hotmail-step-3

Watch this video for Hotmail Sign-in

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