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How to fix the Hotmail sign in error

Sometimes people face the problem of logging into their Hotmail account. One of the problems which we face a lot is Hotmail is not responding when you sign in. According to some users, the problem occurs due to the error in the application itself or due to slow internet connection. Following are certain things can be helpful like one should assure that there is no virus or spyware present on your computer.

Before trying these solutions you can run a scan through your computer security software. Then connect to the internet and download some good registry fixing software. Windows registry is a secret section in your operating system which stores highly helpful information about all computer programs. If this information gets infected your entire system may crash.


  1. The first step to fixing the Hotmail sign in error is to launch the Firefox.

How to fix the Hotmail sign in error-step-1


2. After launching the Firefox click “Tools”.

How to fix the Hotmail sign in error-step-2

  1. After clicking “Tools” click “Options”.

How to fix the Hotmail sign in error-step-3

  1. After clicking the “Options “go to the “Privacy” tab.

How to fix the Hotmail sign in error-step-4

5. After going to the “Privacy tab” Click the drop-down box next to “Firefox will.” select “Use custom settings for history.”

How to fix the Hotmail sign in error-step-5

  1. After selecting “Use custom settings for history “accept cookies from the site.

How to fix the Hotmail sign in error-step-6


  1. After accepting the cookies from sites click the “Ok” button.

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  • Gaurav Singh

    please provide same solution for the chrome..

  • John Abram

    How Can change composing & sending setting in AOL please give any suggestion

  • William Brown

    How to change cookies settings in Ms edge ?

  • Phillips

    I get a “Sign-in error” on my Moto G ’14 when it tries to bring up the weather and stock price list – i.e. swipe from left to right on the home page.
    It does not ask for a password it just prints “sing-in error”.