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How to Fix Hotmail Error 80041004?

Many Hotmail users are reporting that they are facing problem in sending and receiving emails. When they try to send and receive email, “Error 80041004” occurs frequently. If you’re also facing the same issue then this post will definitely help you to fix this error by following some easy and simple steps.

Causes of Hotmail error 80041004-

  • You don’t have an Internet connection or a network.
  • Your user profile in Hotmail is damaged.
  • An e-mail item on your POP3 server is damaged.
  • The configuration of your personal firewall software is incorrect.


In order to fix Hotmail error 80041004, you can follow these simple and easy Method-

  • Method-1  (Check your internet connection)-

You can send an email to this computer, can’t you?
If yes, ignore this step.


  • Method-2   (Check your account settings)-

In order to create a new e-mail profile in Hotmail follow these steps-

How to Fix Hotmail Error 80041004-step-2
1. Click Start, and then enter Run in the search bar and select “Run”.
2. Copy and paste, or type the following command in the Open box, and then press ENTER:
      Control panel
if you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, double-click View 32-bit Control Panel in Control Panel to display the Mail icon.
3. Open the Mail Setup dialog box, and the click “Show Profiles”
4.  On the General tab, under when starting Microsoft Office Outlook, use this profile; click Prompt for a profile to be used, and then click Add.
5. In the Profile Name box, type the name that you want to use for the new e-mail profile, and then tab on “OK” button.
6. In the E-mail Accounts dialog box, click “Add a new e-mail account”, and then click Next.
7. Click the appropriate server type for your new e-mail account, and then click “Next”.
8. Type your account information in the required boxes, and then click “Next”.
9. Click Finish, and then click OK.


  • Method-3   (Start Hotmail in safe mode)-

To start Hotmail in safe mode use these Steps-

How to Fix Hotmail Error 80041004-step-3
For Windows Vista or Windows 7-
1. Click Start.
2. Type outlook.exe /safe in the Start Search box.
3. Press Enter.
For Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, or Windows 2000-
1. Click Start.
2. Click Run.
3. Type outlook.exe /safe.
4. Click OK.


  • Method-4   (Create a new e-mail profile)-

How to Fix Hotmail Error 80041004-step-4

If you’ll create a new e-mail profile, then maybe you’ll able to resolve these problems.


  • Method-5  (Delete suspicious messages from your mailbox)-

How to Fix Hotmail Error 80041004-step-5

  1. In order to delete suspicious messages from your mailbox, contact your ISP and ask them to delete any suspicious e-mail.
  2. By using your ISP’s Web-based e-mail program, Delete any suspicious e-mail by accessing your mailbox.

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