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How to Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail

Hotmail allows the users to first create an event then share it with your contacts to remind them about the coming events. To create a calendar event in Hotmail, you can follow these simple steps-

Steps to Create & Share Calendar Events in Hotmail:-

  1. After you log in to your Hotmail inbox, you can create a calendar from the drop down menu button at the upper left end.

 How to Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail-step-1

  1. From the drop-down, click on the Calendar, then select NEW from here. Enter all of the details for the event, you want to create.

 How to Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail-step-2

  1. You will need to give the
  • Title of event
  • Location of the event
  • Date of begin
  • Date of end
  • Time of begin
  • Time of end

After you give all of the information, you have to just save the event in Hotmail Calendar.

 How to Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail-step-3

  1. In addition, to reminding yourself about an event, Hotmail calendar can also remind others in your contacts, by using the email.

 How to Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail-step-4

  1. To share the event from the calendar, you have to press the share button at the top then enter the email from your contacts. Click on “share” button.

 How to Create a Calendar Event in Hotmail-step-5

Video: How to Create a Calendar Event in Windows Live Hotmail

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