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How to Change Hotmail Profile Picture

Keeping a most updated picture in your Hotmail inbox is better and may give a good feel to others. Besides all the needs & motives behind adding a profile picture, the steps to change your picture are of most interest to you.

Following are the steps to change Hotmail Profile Picture:-

  1. In the first step, the user goes to the Profile Picture just at the most upper right side. Click on it and then select ‘View Account’ button from the menu.

How to Change Hotmail Profile Picture-step-1

  1. In the other step, Go to The left side of the screen & holds the icon with a link to ‘Add a Photo’ in blue.

How to Change Hotmail Profile Picture-step-2

  1. Click over there and you’ll be on a new page, here you can change your Hotmail profile picture. Click on “Add a Photo” button.

How to Change Hotmail Profile Picture-step-3

  1. After adding your desired picture, Click on SAVE & all is done with it.

Video: How To Change Hotmail Profile Picture

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