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How to Change Your Hotmail Password

Outlook is the new name for Microsoft’s web email service, formerly known as Hotmail and Windows Live Mail. If you need to change your password you just follow these simple steps-

  1. To change a password of your existing Hotmail account, you will need to sign in first.

How to Change Your Hotmail Password-step-1

  1. After sign in Hotmail inbox, just at the upper end of the right side, you can see a profile picture OR just an icon CLICK on it.

How to Change Your Hotmail Password-step-2

  1. From the drop-down menu, just under the 4 status-options, there is a “VIEW ACCOUNT” button click on it.

How to Change Your Hotmail Password-step-3

  1. After this from the left pane, under the big circle having ‘Add a Photo’ written on it there is a link toChange Password.

How to Change Your Hotmail Password-step-4

  1. At next, if your account is not verified then it may ask you to verify your identity by sending a code to the phone number OR email it.
  1. Now you will back to password change screen, where you will first enter your existing password. Then enter the new password which you want to replace the old one, and then reenter it to avoid any mistake.

How to Change Your Hotmail Password-step-5

  1. Save the Hotmail password, by using the button on the screen.
  1. Now, the password for your Hotmail account has been changed successfully.

Video: How To Change Your Hotmail Password

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  • ravi lodhi

    Can change hotmail password without previous password because i am forget my previous password

  • Gaurav Singh

    You make things easy to understand and fix. Thank you.

  • John Abram

    how can create strong password in Hotmail

  • William Brown

    it showing some error when i am clicking on save button.

  • Roman Miller

    is there any password size limit?

  • Joseph Russell

    ( how can create a strong password in Hotmail ) signature facility provide in Hotmail or not

  • Phillips

    How do i change my Hotmail password using the ipad. I thought this should be easy but I can’t find a way to manage my profile/password. please help.

  • rahul singh

    Is it true that Microsoft doesn’t allow more than 16 characters in their Hotmail password?