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How to Change Hotmail Language & Time Zone

Hotmail is available in multiple languages & time zone; you can change Hotmail language and time zone simply.

Steps to Change Hotmail Language and time zone:-

  1. In the First Steps Login to your Hotmail account and simply take your mouse cursor to “Settings” Icon at the upper right corner, near profile picture of Hotmail.
  2. After Click on setting drop-down menu will appear and you have to find the OPTIONS menu here. Click on this and wait a minute until all the options loads in Left pane.

How to Change Outlook Language & Time Zone-STEP-1

3. Now, click on the GENERAL options at the most upper end, and from below click on Region and Time Zone.

How to Change Outlook Language & Time Zone-STEP-2

4. Select the Hotmail Language & the time zone, which you want to, adjust according to your choice.

5. Then SAVE it before leaving.

How to Change Outlook Language & Time Zone-STEP-3

Watch this video to change Hotmail language

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