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Browser Compatibility Issues in Hotmail

There are a lot of Hotmail account users all around the world. The Internet and the Hotmail account are synonyms owing to the age of the Hotmail service. New features have been added to the Hotmail account.The Hotmail account is one of the best e-mail services and because of its best quality, it is the most favorite among the people.

 Browser Compatibility Issues in Hotmail-step-1

Hotmail is a free emailing platform from Microsoft. It is a product from Microsoft and it is easy to be used. There are a lot of errors of Hotmail which happen due to the Browser incompatibility. For solving this problem the Browser can be changed. The Hotmail users also face a few issues when they access it from Opera.

For the smooth performance of Hotmail switch to the other standard browsers. Contact Hotmail customer service tech support helpline phone number to fix Hotmail issue The Browser incompatibility is an issue which is regular with Hotmail. The Hotmail account works best with the internet explorer however a number of users of the Hotmail account want to browse it with the other browsers as well.

The following are some of the Browser compatibility issues in Hotmail

  1. The Browser compatibility is mainly seen when you are working with the older version of the Browsers and have not updated to the latest one. The best solution would be to update the browser and then try and use it for login to the Hotmail account.
  2. The another issue of Browser compatibility in Hotmail is that the Hotmail troubles like the Hotmail are not able to send or receive emails, can not open the email account due to forgetting the password, not able to manage the spams, virus troubles.

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    Mail does come up, but won’t open.

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  • Phillips

    I have problems with Hotmail compatibility on Ubuntu. When I log in to Hotmail, it takes me to a page that tell me my browser is not compatible.