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How to Block Someone on Hotmail

If you have been receiving harassing emails that you don’t want to see in your inbox or you receiving any newsletter from a company you don’t want to, then Hotmail has block feature to block specific domain or email address.

Steps to Block Someone on Hotmail:-

  1. Go to Microsoft’s log-in page or type in your address bar of your browser, you will be directed to Microsoft login page.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-1

2. Enter your Username or Phone number in the respective field and then click “Next” to enter your password.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-2

3. After clicking “Next”, enter your password for your Hotmail account. Then click “Sigh in”. You will then be directed to your Hotmail page.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-3

  1. Click on “Setting” Button which is on the top right side of the page.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-4

  1. After clicking “Setting” Button, there will be a drop down appeared, click on “options”.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-5

6. Under the “junk email” section, click on “blocked senders”.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-6

7. Add the email address which you want to block in the respective field and clicks add (+), then click save to confirm the blocking of the mail address.

How to Block Someone on Hotmail-step-7

Video: How To Block Someone On Hotmail

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