Hotmail Customer Support Contact Number

Hotmail is an open e-mail service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail also referred as Outlook, Windows Mail or MSN is a web-based mailing service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail offers folders, POP mail retrieval and spellchecking. Microsoft Hotmail has expanded the features to include an integrated audio player for MP3 files, user-controllable color schemes, integration with Windows Messenger and best-of-breed security features. It also provides complete solutions for all email requirements of users.

But sometimes the user has to face the difficulties like- issue in sign-in, message blocked, forgetting the password, junk emails, unable to configure etc. If you are in trouble with that kind of issues, we Provide customer Service/Support related to Hotmail in most professional and easy way. Just give us a call & we will be more than happy to assist you.



  • It offers POP access on an individual basis.
  • The security features have been enhanced.
  • You can conduct fast searches for emails in the Hotmail account.
  • The mail interface remains simple and allows users to locate the messages or the folders they want.
  • There are fast methods that it adopts to find images as well as to structure social network information.
  • You can create IMAP access to different internet directories though your Hotmail account.



How to Contact Hotmail Helpline Phone Number for mail Related Problems-

Any user who needs help for Hotmail just calls our toll free Hotmail customer support phone number to get a solution on the varied issues in which we provide a solution for dealing with even the simple “Password Recovery” problems. We offer the best and fast solution; upon calling our Hotmail help desk contact number, we Direct Transfer your call to the relevant department as per your query like- “Settings Issues”, “Server Settings”, “User Accounts” and “Security Settings”.

We have technical representatives on our deck who are competent and committed to providing an unmatched Hotmail technical support. With different service teams dealing with different issues, we are available round the clock, seven days a week providing the best online assistance to the customers across the globe 24×7.



  • Instant 24/7 & 365 days phone support by Microsoft certified Engineers.
  • Hotmail tech support through chat option. (Step by step solution)
  • Hotmail online support at an affordable & cost-effective price.
  • Hotmail customer support for any sort of Hotmail password recovery problems.
  • Remote technical help for worldwide users.

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