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How to Turn Chat Off or On in your Gmail account

However, there are so many people who enjoy using Gmail for email and they do not want Google talk shown within the email window. Getting Google talk out of Gmail is not difficult. Google has made it difficult to find. There are new versions of Gmail. Google has moved the settings for disabling Google talk around a bit. Read below to turn off chat in gmail

The following is the method to turn off chat in Gmail :

1. The first step to turning chat off in Gmail is clicking the gear icon and choosing “settings”.

How to turn off chat in Gmail -step-1

2. After choosing the setting to choose the “Chat tab”. There are two options open one is Chat on and the other is Chat off. You can choose any option you want to.

How to turn off chat in Gmail -step-2

3. After the chat tab is seen click on the chat on and after clicking you can chat with the person.

How to turn off chat in Gmail -step-3

4. When the “Chat off “option has been clicked save the changes being made. After clicking on the option “Chat off “you cannot chat with any person.

How to turn off chat in Gmail -step-4


Watch This Video How To Turn Chat Off OR On in Gmail

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