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Tips & Tricks For Gmail

There are many tricks & features which are hidden in Gmail. These are some tips which can help you get started with Gmail:

These are some Gmail tips and tricks

  • Check out the categories in your inbox

Tabs are organized according to your emails. For example, emails from shopping websites will be found in the “Promotions” tab.

gmail tips and tricks -step-1

  • Select a theme for your inbox

You can select a theme for your inbox background. To get started, click on the settings gear icon at the rightmost corner and select ‘Themes’.

gmail tips and tricks -step-2

  • How to find your emails

You can use the Search box to quickly find your emails. Inside the search box, choose the Down arrow to filter your results.

gmail tips and tricks -step-3

  • Organize your emails with labels

Labels act like folders and you are able to add more than one Label to a message. Select the checkbox next to the email on which you want to add a Label. Now click on the ‘Label’ icon at the top of the window and either look for the required label under the option ‘Label As’ or create a new label.

This Label name would me mentioned before your tips and tricks -step-4

  • Open & download attachments

A preview of attachment will be seen at the bottom of the mail. Select the preview to see the attachment, download it, print it, and more.

  • Undo sending a message

To get extra time to decide on sending an email or in case you accidentally sends an email and you want to undo this action, you can turn on ‘Undo Send’ option provided by Gmail.

Click on the settings gear, select ‘Settings’ and under the ‘General’ tab, choose ‘Enable Undo Send’ option and set the time period you require.

gmail tips and tricks -step-6

  • Automatically manage incoming emails

Filters can automatically delete, star, archive, label and forward your incoming emails.

gmail tips and tricks -step-7

  • Start a video call

You can start a video call with your friends when you add them in hangouts chat list just by moving your cursor over their name and clicking Video call.

gmail tips and tricks -step-8

  • Check emails from all your accounts

You can check all your emails in Gmail if you use multiple accounts. You can also send messages from an address that isn’t your Gmail address. Just go to the ‘Settings’ option by clicking on the settings gear and select ‘Account and Import’ tab.

gmail tips and tricks -step-9

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