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How to solve hacking issues in your Gmail Account

In case you feel that your Gmail account has been hacked, you can go through multiple options to solve such hacking issues. There are four possible methods to get back the access to your Gmail account.

Method-1 (Change your password)

If you are still able to log in with the previous password, you should change your password immediately. By changing the password, hackers would not be able to use the old password and exploit your account again. Change the password by going to the Gmail Account Settings and choose a unique password.

Method-2 (Check Latest Activity)

How to solve hacking issues in your Gmail Account -step-2

Scroll down the bottom of the page, there are option “Details”. By clicking on that, you will be able to see the last activity of the account and what type of devices was used to access your account, where the account was accessed, and at what time.

How to solve hacking issues in your Gmail Account -step-2(2)

Review Recovery Information

How to solve hacking issues in your Gmail Account -step-2(3)


Method-3 (Review Other Important Account Details)

Once your password and recovery information are covered, it’s better to do a full check of your account details to make sure nothing else was interfered with. Under your Gmail Settings, go through the tabs and check things like:

  • Under the General tab, check the Signature and Vacation responder.
  • Under your Account tab, review the “Send mail as” setting.
  • Under the Filters tab, check that new filters haven’t been added. Often hackers will set up a filter for your bank to send emails directly to their email address instead of yours, disable notifications of money transfers, etc.
  • Under the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, verify that no emails are being forwarded.

How to solve hacking issues in your Gmail Account -method-3

Method-4 (2-Step verification)

Someone has changed your password. if you are not able to sign in your account so you should take a quick action. Select the “I’m having other problems signing in” option.You need to make sure rest of your account because hackers use another account to access other accounts.

1.If your Gmail account is hacked, check your other social media websites linked to the Gmail account. Facebook is the popular one; percentage of getting hacked is very high. Immediately change the password of the Facebook and other social media websites.

2. One of the strongest layers of defense you can use is Two-step verification. Two-step verification method requires you to enter the verification code send to your phone when someone tries to access your Gmail account. Without that code, it’s impossible to access your Gmail account. Set up two-step (also known as two-factor) verification like this:

  • Go to your account login page.
  • Turn on two-step verification under the Sign in & Security section. Now you will receive a code on your phone whenever anyone tries to log into your account. You can active a “Remember Me” function to make login more convenient from your regularly used devices.

 How to solve hacking issues in your Gmail Account -method-4







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