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How to fix Gmail not Receiving emails

gmail not receiving emails

If your Gmail not receiving emails , then check these below-mentioned solutions to resolve-

  • MX Record

You must make sure your MX record is configured to servers of Google. One of the most important MX record must include is ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.

You should learn about the domain host for additional assistance if you are having problem configuring your MX record yourself.

While configuring your MX record, you should avoid all the bounce messages because it takes time for your MX records to update though the internet.

If you have configured MX record more, than 48 hours ago then follow the next steps

Enter your domain name in G Suite Toolbox CheckMX tool:

If a message of “No problems were found” is popped up, then you have correctly configured your domain’s MX record for G suite. This assumes a basic setup rather than dual delivery or any of the other advanced delivery options available to you. Use of advanced delivery options results in warnings that should correspond to your configuration. For instance, a dual delivery setup will produce a warning of “dual delivery detected.”

If you misconfigured your CheckMX then it will show a link error indicating “There were some critical problems detected with this domain”. Go to the link to access the list of issues, which are red or yellow flagged depending on risk and linked to a related Help Center article for resolution.

  • Domain issue

If you are having trouble receiving mails to Gmail users, hosting service which you use plays an important role.

By third-party organizations like SORBS, Gmail IP addresses are involved on ‘suspicious’ lists sometimes. Following are some solution which may help your domain to maintain a low level of spam and receive valid messages.

  • You should use spam Assassin, which is a spam classifier. It helps in resolving, if mail a valid or not! Other than that it also considers many features of the mail content, rather than just observing at the IP address.
  • You should have a whitelisting mechanism in your SMTP gateway, if you using third-party block list.
  • Using only SORBS is not recommended.
  • You should never use the lists that expire after long period of time. So we applaud you to use a 48-hour list that keeps records of recent spam activity.

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