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How To Change a Gmail Theme

In Gmail, you have many different types of themes for your inbox like scenes ranging from a mountain view to a beach sunset and many unique color schemes. Sometimes you might be feeling tired to staring at the default theme daily, then fortunately you have good option to change a new exciting theme by follow these easy steps-

Steps to change gmail theme –

1. “Sign in” into your Gmail account.

Method to change gmail theme -step-1

2. Select the “settings” icon. It will show you at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Method to change gmail theme -step-2

3. Choose the “Themes” option.A page with a list of themes will load.

Method to change gmail theme -step-3

4. Tap on the theme to try it out.The theme you’ve selected will have a little box around it. The complete page will be changed to that theme, and you can choose if you want it.

Method to change gmail theme -step-5

5. Your selected theme is automatically saved and will be displayed every time when you sign in your account.


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