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How to chat in Gmail

It takes lengthy time to send an email in Gmail, so Gmail came up with inbuilt chat feature known as hangout. In hangout you can send messages easily without any delay to anyone provided that you know the username of the specific user. Hangouts provide you to chat via: text, video and phone.

How to chat in gmail

You just follow these simple steps:

1. Sign in your Gmail account.

How to chat in Gmail-step-1

2. The chat box will be shown on the left side of your Gmail home page.

How to chat in Gmail -step-2

3. Search the name of the user and send a message request to which you want to chat.

How to chat in Gmail -step-3


How to chat in Gmail -step-4

4. If user would accept your message request, then you’ll be able to chat.

How to chat in Gmail-step-5

5. Write a text and send to the user.

How to chat in Gmail-step-5

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