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How do I turn off/on 2 step verification in Gmail

A lot of personal accounts are hacked every day. Personal information is compromised, passwords are cracked and lives are put at risk. If you are using one password for so many accounts there are chances of being hacked. A 2-step verification system has been launched by Google: anytime an unknown device is used to sign into your Google account the user has to give a verification code in addition to the password. So it is not passable for the hackers to just get your password they would also need physical control of your phone or computer to access your account.

The following are the steps to enable /disable Gmail 2 step verification:

1. The first step to enable /disable Gmail 2-step verification is to sign in into your Gmail account.

Enable/Disable Gmail 2 steps verification-step-1

2. After signing in to your Google account and click your account to update your settings

Enable/Disable Gmail 2 steps verification-step-2

3. After clicking “My Account “you will land on your Account settings page. Scroll down until you find a blue bar which says “signing in”.

Enable/Disable Gmail 2 steps verification-step-3

4. After you find the blue bar which says signing in you will see a page which briefly walks through the steps of setting up 2 step verification. Once you are ready, click on “Start setup”.

Enable/Disable Gmail 2 steps verification-step-4

5. After getting started type in your cell phone number which will be the phone number which is associated with your Google account. Each time you sign into your Google account from an unknown device Google will send a verification code to your phone and you have to enter that before you can sign in.

Enable/Disable Gmail 2 steps verification-step-5

6. Choose if you would like to receive a text message or Google Voice call with your verification code. Presses submit and then wait for the code to come to your phone and enter it in.

7. Check the “trust this device” box if you are turning on 2-step verification from a personal computer or trusted device. You will only be asked to enter a verification code when you sign into this account once per 30 days.

8. Then press “Ok” and you have set up 2-step verification for your Google account.

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