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How to Delete Gmail Account

If you want to delete Gmail account then, you will be going to lose access to other Google products and services that you might use with that account. If you accidentally deleted your account, so you should take a quick action then you may be able to recover it. These steps will help you to delete and recover a Gmail account.

Note: You only have two business days to recover a Gmail account. Otherwise it is gone forever.

Method (Procedure to Deleting a Gmail Account)

1. Sign in into your Gmail account.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-1

2. Tab on your profile picture, or the letter of your first initial, in the top right corner of Gmail.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-2

3. Select the “My Account” option and then “Account Preferences.

This is the page that controls your entire Google account, not just Gmail. This allows you to get rid Gmail while keeping your Google account.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-3

4. Select the “Delete your account or services” option from the menu on the left.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-4

5. Select “Delete Products” and then re-sign in to confirm your decision.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-5

6. Consider downloading your data before deleting. And click on “download data”. You can select “Download Data” to save your contacts, conversations, and emails before ditching the entire service.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-6

7. Click on “Gmail” and read the short disclaimer about deleting your account.

8. Confirm the deletion of your account. When you enter “Delete account and data,” a warning appears, and you will be asked to confirm your desire to delete the account.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-8

9. Confirm again. Check the box next to “Yes, I want to delete my account”, the box next to “Yes, I acknowledge that…” and click “Delete Google Account”. Your Gmail account will be scheduled for deletion.

How to Delete Gmail Account -step-9

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