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How to Change Gmail Username

If Gmail user wants to change the username only with few simple step user can change the name.

The following steps are there to change username:

1. In the first step, Open your Gmail account.

How to change Gmail usename-step-1

2. Then go to the “my account” setting. And click “my account” check box.

How to change Gmail usename-step-2

3.Then a page is open that show user personal info & privacy. You just go to the “your personal info: and click on that.

How to change Gmail usename-step-3

4. In this step, your personal info box is open.Now click on “name”.

How to change Gmail usename-step-4

5. In this step, a Dialog box is open now user can easily change the first name and last name.

How to change Gmail usename-step-5

6. Now, just click done to keep the change permanently.

How to change Gmail usename-step-6

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