How to Change Gmail Username

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If Gmail user wants to change the username only with few simple step user can change the name.

The following steps are there to change username:

1. In the first step, Open your Gmail account.

How to change Gmail usename-step-1

2. Then go to the “my account” setting. And click “my account” check box.

How to change Gmail usename-step-2

3.Then a page is open that show user personal info & privacy. You just go to the “your personal info: and click on that.

How to change Gmail usename-step-3

4. In this step, your personal info box is open.Now click on “name”.

How to change Gmail usename-step-4

5. In this step, a Dialog box is open now user can easily change the first name and last name.

How to change Gmail usename-step-5

6. Now, just click done to keep the change permanently.

How to change Gmail usename-step-6

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