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How to change Gmail Password

These days it is very easy to change Gmail Password. There are two ways of changing the Gmail Password first with the help of desktop and through phone. Below are the steps by which the Gmail Password can be changed using the Gmail Website.

Methods to change Gmail password –

Method-1 (Using the Gmail Website)

1. The first step to change the Gmail Password using the Gmail website is to open the Gmail website in your browser.

How to change Gmail Password-step-1

2. After opening the Gmail website in your browser click the gear button of settings which you will see in the upper right corner after loading your Gmail inbox.

How to change Gmail Password-step-2

3. After clicking the settings click the accounts and import tab.

How to change Gmail Password-step-3

4. After clicking the accounts and import tab click change password.

How to change Gmail Password-step-4

5. After clicking change password enter your current password.If you have forgotten your current password you can always reset it and make a new one.

How to change Gmail Password-step-5

6. After entering your current password type a new password.Click the Eye button to see the entire password as you type it.Strong passwords contain letters numbers, and symbols, and they do not contain any dictionary words or information which can be easily guessed.

7. Then type your new password to confirm it.

8. After typing the new password Click change password.

9. Sign in into your devices with your new password.

Your new password would be effective at once and you would be signed out of Gmail and Google on any device which you were signed in on. This includes the Android device that you’re currently using.


Method-2 (Using an Android device)

1.The first step to change Gmail password on your Android device is to open the settings menu on your Android which you will find in the settings app in your Apps list.

2. After opening the settings menu scroll down to the personal section.

3. After scrolling down to the personal section tap Google services If you’re using a Samsung device, tap Applications in the Settings menu, scroll to the bottom of the list, then tap Google in the “Google settings” section. you can use the Google My Account website instead to do the same thing.

4. After taping Google in the Google settings tap Sign in and security.

5. After taping Sign in and security tap Password.

6. After taping Sign in and security tap password type your current password.If you don’t remember your current password, you can reset it and make a new one.

7. After typing the current password type a new password and to make a new strong password include letters numbers and symbols and avoid using complete dictionary words and don’t use any personal information such as pet names or birthdays.

8. After typing the new password type your new password again to confirm it.

9. Then tap change new password.

10. Now sign into your devices with your new password and your new password will take effect immediately and you would be signed out of Gmail and Google on any device that you were signed in on.

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