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How to Add Contacts in Gmail

Creating a Gmail contacts list in your account is one of the most useful features in order to find a particular user easily. Below given are few easy steps to add contacts in Gmail Account.

Method to Add a New Contact:

1. Sign in your Gmail account by entering your username and password.

How to Add Contacts in Gmail-step-1

2. Click on the “Gmail” menu in the top left corner under the Google logo and select “Contacts”. This will open a new Google contacts window.

How to Add Contacts in Gmail-step-2

3. Click on the pink colored “+” button at the bottom right corner. This is the “Add new contact” button.

How to Add Contacts in Gmail-step-3

4. The Create contact dialogue box would open, as shown below:

How to Add Contacts in Gmail-step-4

5. Enter the details of the contact like Name, Company, Email address, Phone number etc. You can click on ‘More’ option to include more options like ‘Birthday’ etc.

How to Add Contacts in Gmail-step-5

6. Click on the “Save” option to save your contact.

 How to Add Contacts in Gmail-step-6


Watch This Video How to Add Contacts in Gmail

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