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How To Make a New Facebook Account


1. Go to the facebook website fill the form completely, make sure all the information is accurate, and then click the sign-up button.

How to Make a New Facebook Account-step-1

2. In this step, you can “Add Friends” in your Facebook account and then click “Continue”. If you don’t want to add friends, you can “Skip” this step.

How to Make a New Facebook Account-step-2

3. In this step, you can find your friends.Facebook will next ask you to search your various email accounts for friends. You are welcome to do this at this time or click on Skip this step at the bottom, and continue with the sign-up process.

How to Make a New Facebook Account-step-3

4. Now, you can fill the profile information.In this step basic profile in information’s: High school, college, and employer. Again, you may choose to fill this out or skip this step.

How to Make a New Facebook Account-step-4

5. In this step upload a photo from your computer, or take a photo with your webcam. However you do it, Facebook will take it. Of course, like the other steps, you can choose to skip this as well.

How to Make a New Facebook Account-step-5

6. Now, your new account is created.

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