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How To Delete all Facebook messages at once

As you know Facebook is the Number One Social Media Site and have Billions of Hits per Day. People use it for Entertainment, Uploading Photos, Videos, Feelings and many more Stuff. But Sometimes you may be Send an unsuitable message to Your Friend or Relatives So You need to Delete all Messages Before They Read, Delete Each Message One by One take Too much Time So, We Have a Facebook Trick to Delete all Facebook Messages at Once in Single Click. You Just Need to Download a Chrome Extension from Google Chrome Web Store and follow the below steps.


1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store and Search For “Facebook – Delete All Messages” named Extension.It’s Adds- on is also Available for Mozilla Firefox.

How To Delete all Facebook messages at once-step-1

2. On Next, Click on that Extension and Hit “Add to Chrome” This will added a Facebook – Delete All Messages Extension in your Chrome Browser.

How To Delete all Facebook messages at once-step-2

3. Guys, Now You need to Login your Facebook Account to delete all Messages with this Chrome Extension.

4. Now Click on Messages or You Open your Inbox and you see all the Chat History that you done with your Friends Previously.

How To Delete all Facebook messages at once-step-4

5. You need to check your Right Top Corner in your Chrome Browser. There will be a Small Icon of that Extension. Just Click on it.

6. When your Hit Click and a Notification bar comes up Where you again Click “Launch”. It will show you a pop-up Confirmation that you really want to delete all Facebook Messages.

7. Click “OK” Button and in Few Seconds you see that your all Inbox Chat History is Deleted.

How To Delete all Facebook messages at once-step-7

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