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How to Delete Facebook Account


1. In the first step, user has to log into And enter the email address.And password and click log-in

How to Delete Facebook Account-step-1

2. In the Second step, you go to the upper right corner on your home page, select Account “Settings” from the menu that appears.

How to Delete Facebook Account-step-2

3. In the Account Settings page, click “Security” option from the menu on the left. Scroll down the page and click the “Deactivate your account” link. And the alternative option is your mobile devices, click the Menu button and scroll down to Account Settings. In the Account Settings menu, select “Security” option and then tap the Deactivate button.

How to Delete Facebook Account-step-3

4. After selecting “deactivate your account” then a page open and you have to fill your reason for deactivating.Facebook doesn’t like to see customers go, Facebook find the actual reason for leaving.

  • You must choose a reason for deactivating your account. If you don’t want to provide a reason, click the other option.
  • If you’d like to give Facebook a detailed description to why you are leaving, fill in the “Please explain further” text box. This is optional.

And then you easily delete your Facebook account

How to Delete Facebook Account-step-4

Watch This Video How to Delete Facebook Account

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