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How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others. You can put notes and share your favorite photographs with contacts and associates on Facebook. This article will help you to create an album, and how to tag friend in the photo.

Following are the method to create an album on Facebook:

1.  First, you have to log-in to your Facebook account.

2. When your home page opens, click the photo link at the top of the page and then click create Album.

How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook-step-2

3. Then you’ll be taken to a window where you’ll be able to look through the photos on your computer.

4. Before uploading the photos make sure you make a separate folder for your photos on your computer.

5. Once you have selected all your photos which you want to upload, click on”open “. It will upload the pictures. Here you can name the album, give a location and set the privacy settings according to your choice. Here you can also change the quality of the pictures depending on what you want.

How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook-step-5

6. Once the uploading has finished. Click on” Create Album” and your done uploading via Simple uploaded.

7. Click on” Try the Simple Uploaded “.

How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook-step-7

8. It will take you to a page like the one below. Here you can give a name, change the privacy settings according to your need and can give a location. After filling out the names and privacy setting click” Create Album “.

How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook-step-8

9. Click on” choose file ” to select individuals photos. Before uploading photos, you can finally edit the info and if you want to, you can delete the album. After selecting all photos, click upload photos and you’re done.

How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook-step-9

10. To tag friend go to the picture you want to tag your friends. On the bottom right there is an option called” Tag this photo “.

11. Click on” Tag this photo “.The mouse arrow will appear as cross then click on the picture and click on the people who you want to tag.

How to Create an Album & Tag Photos on Facebook-step-11

12. After you have finished tagging people then click on” Finished tagging” just above the picture on the right side.


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