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How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings


1. In the first step, user has to log in to And enter your email address. And password and click log in

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings-step-1

2. In this step, user goes to the top right of the screen, move the mouse over the down arrow and click “Privacy Settings”.

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings-step-2

3. After open the privacy setting, select an option.It’ll show you what your options are; choose one of them-

  • If you click “Public” option, all of your information and posts will be available to anyone who comes across your page.

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings-step-3

  • If you Click “Friends” option, your information will be available for your friends to see.

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings-step-3(2)

  • The third option is “Custom” option; it’ll open a little window asking you who you’re wanting to make your account visible to. Friends, specific people/lists or only you. It’ll give the option of having friends tagged in photos. It’ll also give you a bar to type in who’s allowed to see your information.

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings-step-3(3)

  • Select which option you want and click “Save Changes”.

How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings-step-3(4)

4. Go back to your home page and your settings should be saved.

Watch This Video How to Change Facebook Privacy Settings

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