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How to Use AOL Dictionary

If you are written a blog/article, Email or something else and you stuck in one word which is incorrect or not a right word to define the whole sentence? Is your noun, verb, preposition or adverb usage correct? Maybe there’s a grammar problem somewhere? Or maybe the spelling is not correct then you can solve your issues by using an AOL dictionary.

Follow these simple steps to use AOL dictionary:

1.Log in to your AOL account.

How to Use AOL Dictionary-step-1

2. Choose “Edit” option from your AOL toolbar. 

How to Use AOL Dictionary-step-2

3. Select the dictionary.

How to Use AOL Dictionary-step-3

4. Enter a word or phrase you’re interested in or need clarification on its usage, and then tab on “Look Up”.

How to Use AOL Dictionary-step-4

 5You can see the results. Highlight selection depending on the grammar usage, tab on “See Word” option.

 How to Use AOL Dictionary-step-5

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