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How to solve Email and Instant Message scams in AOL

How to solve the Instant Message scams in AOL:

If you receive a text message from an unknown number or may be one of your friends is trying to text you then in order to stop all the futures messages from AOL, text STOPALL to 265022 and then visit order to block an individual sender only reply BLOCK to the text message which you received. Suppose you are getting messages which are to be sent to someone else then your mobile number might have been recycled which means that it belonged to someone else. The person who used to have that number probably used IM Forwarding in AIM.

Whenever the user is offline IM Forwarding sends IMs to a mobile phone and that user may have ignored to turn it off the service before switching numbers.

How to solve the Email Scams in AOL:

If you receive an unwanted Email from an unknown email id then there are ways to solve this issue. A free service has been created by Team AOL which automatically scans every email attachment which you send or receive for viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Every email is scanned by us no matter what version of AOL software or computer is used.In spite of this email scanning, someone using your computer could still by mistake infect it with virus. A virus could infect your computer at this time when you read an email or instant message. You must download and run the attached file on your computer for a virus to infect it in case an infected file is attached to an email message.

You must accept the file transfer and then run the file for an instant message to infect your computer. The safest policy to solve the issue of the unwanted emails in AOL is not to download the files which are sent to you by strangers.

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