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How to Sign up AOL mail

A free AOL account gives you access to web-based email and a variety of online news and entertainment content. You can also use the AOL Instant Messenger service. In order to create an AOL account, you just have to follow this method –


Go to the link-


Enter your “First Name” and “Last Name” in the specific fields. When you send an email to someone your name will be displayed as the Sender.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-1


Enter your username, your username will be your email address. This is the name that you use to log into AOL and will appear if you are using AIM. AOL provides five suggested usernames based on your first and last name, or you can enter your own.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-2


Create a password- your password protects your account, so it must be strong. If you want to create a strong password then include few numbers and symbols, and does not include any dictionary words. You will need to enter your password twice to confirm it.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-4


Enter the “Month”, “Day”, “Year” of your date of birth in the specific fields.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-5


Select the “Gender”, this is used to tailor the news stories that appear on your AOL homepage.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-6


Enter your Zip code.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-6


Tab on the drop-down menu to a security question from the selection available.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-8


Type in the answer to the question you choose.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-9


Enter your Phone number, entering a phone number is non-compulsory. You can use your mobile phone to help verify your identity when you’ll face any difficulties in Sign in Your account.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-10


You can set a second email account as your alternate address. If you need to reset your password, instructions will be sent to this address.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-11


Fill the ”CAPTUA” in the respective field and then click on the “Sign Up” option.

How to Sign up AOL mail-step-12



Watch this video to Register on AOL

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