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How To Fix AOL Error Code 118?

The AOL error code 118 is a common windows problem. Due to this error, the systems stops working, slows down the performance and so on. This error can be solved using the Automatic repair tool or even manually. Following are the possible causes and solutions to the problem:


Once you get the alert about AOL error 118, it indicates that something went wrong with your windows operation. There are a number of factors that are responsible for the error 118. These are:

  • Incorrect installation or uninstallation which causes bad/invalid registry.
  • The hard disk storage is limited or incompatible with the system.
  • PC got infected by malware.
  • Improper operations like deleted related files wrongly.


  • Slows PC performance and even let the system crash.
  • It is a screen locker and denies you to open the PC.
  • It keeps displaying misleading security alert.
  • It also promotes the unsafe product.
  • It may changes the browsers page.



You can fix this issue by following any of the given methods:

Method 1: Manual Solution

Following are the steps to fix this manually:

Step 1: Click on “Computer” on your desktop and right click on “Local Disk (C)” to select “Properties”.

How To Fix AOL Error Code 118-Step-1

Step 2: In the properties dialogue box, click on “Disk Cleanup”.

How To Fix AOL Error Code 118-Step-2

Step 3: From the disk cleanup dialogue box, check the boxes against the files that you want to delete and click on “OK”.

How To Fix AOL Error Code 118-Step-3

Step 4: Click on “Start” button and type “Device Manager” in the search box.

Step 5: Find and select “Other devices” in the Device Manager window.

Step 6: Right click on the category where you want to install the driver and click on “Update Driver Software”.

Step 7: In the window that opens, click on “Browse” and select the drive required.

Step 8: Click on “Next” and then click “Close”.

Step 9: You can now restart the system to complete the installation process.


Method 2: Using the Repair Tool

Step 1: Download AOL error 118 Repair Tool.

Step 2: Double click to open “SmartPCFixer”, click on “Scan & Clean” option. Click on the “Scan” button on the right side and the full system scan will start automatically.

How To Fix AOL Error Code 118-Step-4

Step 3: After the scanning is completed, click on “Fix All” button at the right corner of the window. This program will repair all the erroneous issues on your system.

  How To Fix AOL Error Code 118-Step-5

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    Please provide link to download repair tool.

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    How to fix “The Message Was Not Sent Because Of An Error”.

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    I received error message while using AOL desktop software.